The Fine Print is a specialty finance company specializing in purchasing future payments from individuals receiving payments from structured settlements, annuity payments, lottery prize winnings, personal injury settlements and other future cash flows. is not a consumer lender. purchases future payments from individuals in exchange for a discounted immediate lump sum of cash. Each individual structured settlement and lottery transaction must be approved in court as required by applicable state and federal laws. These laws mandate that each individual receive certain financial disclosures, that the individual have the opportunity to review the proposed transaction with a legal or financial advisor, and that a state court review the transaction to ensure compliance with all laws. Further, applicable structured settlement transfer laws mandate that courts find that all transactions be in the best interest of the individual.
Nothing contained herein is intended to convey any legal, tax, financial or other advice. You should consult your own attorney, accountant or other representative for such advice. While the information provided on this web site is believed to be correct, does not warrant the correctness of any information. Nothing contained on this web site is intended to be an offer to purchase any asset or a representation that any particular asset will be purchased by
"Get Cash Now”, "Check in a Week”, “Cash Within 24 Hours”, “Check Within 24 Hours”, “Cash in a Day”, and “Check in a Day” refers to an advance on your lump sum transaction. To be eligible for an advance, you must execute our sales agreement in full and provide sufficient supporting documentation. must conclude that your transaction will likely be approved by the applicable state court and must also determine that your transaction was properly completed and documented. A separate advance agreement will be sent to you after conducts its review of your transaction, and concludes that you are eligible. The advance is an advance on your lump sum and will be for less than your total lump sum. Advance check will be sent within one (1) business day after the completed and signed advance agreement is returned to Advance amount not to exceed $250. All transactions must be approved in court in accordance with state and federal law. The identity of persons providing testimonials have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients. All testimonial's are on file at: Delaware County, PA