After You Win

Depending on the amount of the winnings and the game you won, you may need to choose how to receive your winnings. If you are fortunate enough to win a substantial amount, you will generally be given two choices: Lump Sum or Annuity.

Lump Sum - You can choose to receive your winnings in one cash lump sum. If you select this option, you’ll likely be accepting a smaller total amount of cash than if you chose an annuity option. The reason your lump sum is smaller is because of something called the “Time Value of Money”. The value of a dollar you can spend now is greater than the value of a dollar you receive at some point in the future. The total value of your award is smaller, but you get everything up front.

Annuity / Periodic Payments - If you want to receive the full amount you won, you may need to wait several years before you receive every payment. The lottery board or casino will set up an annuity that sends you regular payments until your award is paid.

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Selling Your Winnings

If you accept the annuity option, you’ll receive payments on an agreed-upon schedule until the total value of the lottery, sweepstakes, or jackpot is paid. For many winners, this option makes the most sense. After all, who doesn’t want the choice that gives you more money?

But what made sense back then might not fit the life you want to live now. Where those regular payments used to feel like an extra payday, you might now find yourself wishing you could change your mind and choose a lump sum instead.

Most companies won’t let you change your payment schedule once you agree to one, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. If you want more of your winnings now, you might be able to sell your future payments in exchange for a lump sum.

If you’re receiving regular payments due to winning a large cash award, there’s a good chance we can purchase them for a lump sum. At, we’ve helped thousands of winners just like you find different ways to spend the cash they got from:

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