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Solving the burden of unpaid medical bills

Mar 24, 2017By Admin

Are your unpaid medical bills causing you stress and anxiety? Are bill collectors calling you every day? Are you looking for a way to get some relief from a huge amount of personal debt? 6000now.com may be the answer.

Sometimes your debts are so large, you choose not to deal with them at all. Obviously, it is never a good idea to destroy your credit. You could make payments with interest but it is a very expensive option. Or you could ask a friend or family member to lend you the money. If these options aren’t feasible, what can you do? If you’re collecting periodic payments from a structured settlement or annuity, you could pay off all the medical bills once and for all, but should you?

If you’re struggling financially, you may not be able to pay off all your debt. The interest payments alone could be crippling. Many structured settlement industry experts agree paying off medical bills is one of the most popular and well-regarded reasons for cashing in a structured settlement annuity. When looking toward your best interest, the courts usually see paying off medical bills as a very plausible reason to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash.

At 6000now.com, we know how hard it is to struggle with debt. You want to get on with your life and live it without the stress and anxiety of looming debt. Every day we help people just like you get the cash they need to pay off debt and get back on their feet.

"Every day we help people just like you get the cash they need to pay off debt and get back on their feet."

- 6000now.com

If you’re looking for more information about selling some or all of your future payments for cash, call us now at 877-219-6808. Our representatives can help you to determine is selling your future payments is your best option.